The Most Amazing Technology Trade Shows That You Should Attend

Nowadays, it seems as if a trade show is held each year. As a technology enthusiast, it pays to attend such shows because it will enable you to acquire essential knowledge that will enable you to take your business the next level. Trade shows are also necessary in these times where there is a lot of competition. With the introduction of many trade shows, techies have a task to determine the best shows to attend. They will not only have to attend those shows that will fit their time schedules, but those shows that will enrich them with necessary skills to tackle the present day’s technological advancements. The following 5 trade shows may be fit for a company who wishes to gain some beneficial knowledge in technology.

1. CeBIT

Its location is Hanover. The CeBIT trade show ranks the largest international computer expo. It attracts up to 850000 visitors. It is a business and technology trade show that attracts thousands of individuals across the world. It is usually held in March every year at the exhibition grounds. The trade shows focuses a lot on business and technology. Basically, business and technology are two sectors that are growing at a fast rate. The trade show is a must-attend show for all techies regardless of their experience.

CeBIT: gadgets and technology

CeBIT: gadgets and technology

2. The AsiaSolar Photovoltaic exhibit

It is an alternative energy trade show that is held in every October in Shanghai. The trade show is a requisite for green companies as well as those forms that seek to venture into the alternative energy. The show attracts up to 200000 attendees at the New International Center. It brings the most recent cutting edge on alternative technological interventions.

3. COMPUTEX Taipei

It is a computer expo that is staged annually in Taiwan. As from the year 2000, it became one of the biggest technology expos in the world. COMPUTEX trade show is co-owned by the Taiwan External Trade development council and the private sector- the Taipei Computer association. COMPUTEX is a trade show that enables various firms to show off their computer technology. It is the best trade show for any techie who wants to gauge himself/herself regarding technology.

4. The Dreamhack

It is one of the most loved gaming conventions that attract more than 250000 attendees each year. It is held in June and it is meant to introduce the attendees to the latest forms of tech, gaming as well as video techniques. It is at this trade show where all techies will get the chance to share their innovations and gaming with others. If you wish to attend, feel free to take your top notch innovative ideas.

Computex Taipei Technology Conference

Computex Taipei Technology Conference


For those who believe in the revolution of technology, they should understand the ICT-startup ecosystem. GITEX is a trade show that attracts various governments, institutions, technology vendors and techies to share on the next trend in technology – ICT. It is an annual computer and electronics show which is held in Dubai. It alltacts close to 150000 participants.

The bottom line

There are several technology tradeshows that can favor the development and advancement of every techie. Other expos which should be watched include:

  • SMAU
  • Interop
  • Linux Tag and
  • The international ICT Expo.

Generally, there are countless expos that can favor a techie.

V Words: Is Veganism or Vegetarianism Right for You?

More and more vegan and vegetarian diets are gaining in popularity. But what does being a vegan, or for that matter, a vegetarian, really mean in practical terms? And what is the downside, if any, to each?

Veganism: What is it?

Veganism (pronounced VEE-gan-ism) was a term adopted in 1944 to describe a diet that is wholly based on plants foods; today, the term ‘plant based diet’ is considered a more user-friendly way of describing the same thing. As such, no animal foods, including dairy products, fish, or “anything with eyes except potatoes” is permitted. Many people adopt veganism for health reasons, or out of moral or religious principles; some vegans include not eating honey, using any kind of animal based product including makeup and shampoos, or wearing leather or wool as part of a vegan lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet

Vegan diets are considered to be an excellent means of reducing health risks such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer. It is usually a low fat and nutrient dense way of eating; however, many find it difficult to adhere to over a long period of time since it can be difficult to consume enough calories. Gastrointestinal upset is often noticed at the beginning of adopting a vegan diet, due to a large amount of fiber and the recommendation to eat legumes, which many find difficult to digest. Some malabsorption syndromes are exacerbated by the high amount of fiber. People who are allergic to soy or nuts may find consuming enough protein to be a challenge, although according to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of the very popular “Eat to Live Diet”, a carefully constructed vegan diet includes plenty of protein, roughly 15% of calories. Vitamin B-12, which is derived from animals or fish, may also be a concern and a supplement is recommended.

Mark Bittman Vegan Diet Plan for Heart Health and Weight Loss

Mark Bittman Vegan Diet Plan for Heart Health and Weight Loss

Vegetarianism: What is it?

Vegetarianism has been a dietary trend since the 1960’s. Unlike Veganism, which cuts out animal products across the board, vegetarianism may be classified into different categories: Ovo-Lacto vegetarians eat dairy and eggs; Lacto vegetarians eat diary products; some include small amounts of fish. Game, chicken, pork and beef products are generally avoided. As diets go, a vegetarian diet is considered more lenient and the lifestyle itself has no restrictions about using animal products.

Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarianism, on the other hand, is subject to many of the same health concerns as a diet that contains meat, mainly, that it can derive a high percentage of calories from animal facts, especially from cheese. As such, vegetarians often have the same risks for disease as meat-eaters unless they are careful to limit dairy products and eggs. Also, a vegetarian diet can contain many highly processed types of meat substitutes and convenience foods.

The Health Benefits Of Being A Carnivore

The Health Benefits Of Being A Carnivore

Is either of these diets right for you? People do often report feeling better after adapting either diet; however, given that you are unique, only you can say whether or not either would be of benefit to your health. One recommendation is to change your habits gradually and monitor your adjustment closely. And of course, inform your doctor, especially if you are taking medications affected by dietary intake.

Proper Retirement Plans

Retirement is a vital life stage that everyone must take seriously. Plans for your old age life must be everyone’s priority. Everyone, whether employed an organization or self employed, is bound to retire in life.

It is not a surprise to find someone who had very high levels of income languishing in poverty after retiring, simply because he lacked financial advice that is regarded much help to retirees. There others who had a relatively low income level during their employment time, but are leading a fruitful life in retire, because they took the necessary initiative to save for their afterlife.

It is never too soon to plan for your retire. People leading big families will definitely require to start saving in early life for their upkeep in future. Similarly, if your income is quite low, early retirement planning is advised to ensure enough accumulation of resources to nurture your future life.

Basics on Various Pension Plans

Basics on Various Pension Plans

Why seek retirement advice?

Living an informed life is very essential. Most retirement advisers are usually full of experience on financial management matters while others are probably practically living in retirement life, thus giving fresh advice derived from their daily experience. However, not all people who claim to be experts in advising are so. You must employ personal intelligence in reasoning lest you fall into financial crises for being misguided. Consider a professional to advice you on matters pertaining retirement. They will guide in things like financial management, retirement lifestyle, activities during retire, benefits of insurance in relation to retire, among other important issues.

Retirement advisers have even gone an extra mile to give their piece of mind to retirees via writing. In this regard, a good number of retirement books have been published providing strategies of living as a retiree. These authors have realized that most people end up in life of poverty and stress after they retreat from work. If looking for professional retirement advice, here are 3 top ranked books of reference;

The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach

The questions on how one can become a millionaire are well and explicitly answered by David Bach. His books are ranked as top selling books, as they provide intelligent ideas to those in the quest of making riches. It gives ideas on important steps in life that will see you make money automatically and make you forget poverty thereafter.

How To Retire Happy, Wild, And Free, J. Zeliski

Zelinski shares his wisdom that no other financial adviser can give. In this book, he (zelinski) says that the art behind a luxurious retirement life is getting prepared. The book is full of other inspirational thoughts which help people approach retirement life fearlessly.

Understanding Retirement Plans

Understanding Retirement Plans

Start Late, Finish Rich, David Bach

It is a great inspiration book meant for those who worry to have started planning their lives late. It gives guidelines on how you can make the best out of your life in a very short span regardless age.

Taking an informed initiative is a fundamental necessity to living a stress free life when you retire. There are cases where people suffer serious health disorders as a result of emotional distress, and am sure you don’t want to end up such for lack of wisdom to plan your life.

The Benefits Of Pr To Small Business

A public relation is that field that is concerned with linking the business/ business firm to the customers. Therefore the PR public relations will create awareness of your products. In most cases, business firms do employ a pr officer who will assist to provide a very smooth link between the customers and the firm. Here are some of The Importance Of PR To Your Small Business

PR will create awareness of your products to the customers.

Good public relations will assist you to create awareness of the products you sell to the target customers. A public relation will reach the customers as a third person and make them aware of the products by explaining to them all that the products are all about. The customers will be convinced and can buy your products.

PR will do market research and advices accordingly

A public relations officer/firm will study the market trends and advices you on what to do and at what time. This will assist you not to produce products that will not sell or will sell at the slower rate. This will assist the enterprise to sell faster hence more profits.

Friends with Business Benefits: How Integrations Sell Apps

Friends with Business Benefits: How Integrations Sell Apps

They introduce more investors to your enterprise

A business person with a small firm can benefit a lot from a well established investor when they do business together. A pr will introduce you to some of the well established business organizations where they will buy or sell in large quantities making you to trade huge quantities. This will assist you to maximize profits.

PR will help your business to grow.

This is due to the fact that they will link you to many customers and advises you on how your business is fairing on. PR will also give you advises on what to do in case of any problem. This means that your business will never stop operating hence it will grow.

PR will assist you to overcome stiff competitions from your competitors.

A good pr will investigate what your competitors have and also analyze their strengths and weaknesses. From the analysis, he/she will guide you on how to beat them in the market and also the necessary improvements that must be done on your products to make them better than for your competitor. This way, you will sell better than your competitors and always be ahead of them.

Facebook Graph Search for Small Business: Benefits and Limitations

Facebook Graph Search for Small Business: Benefits and Limitations

PR will gather what the customers think about your business.

This is a very important role of a pr department. Remember that customers are very important people for your business success. The PR will sample what they think and even ask them on what they require to be done to them. The pr will then analyze and implement the necessary ones. This will make the customers very happy and they will always buy from you.

Those are some of the importance of pr to a small firm. If a small firm will utilize very well the pr, the business will not only make a lot of profits but will also expand. Moreover the customers will be satisfied as well as the business owner. This will create a very stable business environment.